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Cassie Jahn

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Favorite Program: P90x3 because it challenges me, but is short enough that I can commit and get it done!


Favorite Quote: "One day, you will wake up and there won't be any more time to do the things you've always wanted. Do it now....[For] It's the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting" - Paulo Coelho


Bio:  At age 17, I was diagnosed with High Blood Pressure when my pressures sky-rocketed to 180/105. I was immediately put on medication to manage it and, as we humans do, considered that the end and ignored it for years. Throughout my time in college I stayed on my medication and packed on the pounds - starting with the freshmen 15 and moving into a sophomore 30 and senior 50. Before i knew it, I was heavier than I'd ever been!


Sure, I wanted to change many times. I would find a "lose-weight-quick" program or diet, buy into it, work really hard, get really motivated, lose some weight, and then lose my motivation. Of course, once I lost motivation I gave up, gained the weight back, and then gained back more than I had lost. I would give up for months at a time.


It wasn't until October of 2014 that I woke up and realized that I needed to change. I realized that if I wanted to live a long and healthy life with my fiance, I needed to make some changes. I thought about my life - I want to go on adventures, travel the world, have children and raise them to be happy, healthy adults. I knew I couldn't do that if I stayed on the road I was on. So I decided to make a change.


It was hard and I struggled. Again, I was yo-yo dieting and finding it difficult to stay motivated. Out of a final glimpse of desperation I made a post on the forums of My Fitness Pal asking for help and wouldn't you know it - someone was watching. Susan messaged me and talked to me about my journey along with her own. She invited me to join TD Nation and, nervously, I did. This has been one of the greatest decisions of my life.


The support and encouragement that TD Nation offers has kept me going since I've joined. My TD Nation family is there to pick me up when I fall and to celebrate with me when I succeed. I truly consider them to be my family and I love being a part of their lives. So far, since joining TD Nation, I've lost almost 40 pounds and cut my blood pressure medications in half - and I don't plan to stop here! It is only the beginning of my journey. It's a hard walk, but boy is it worth it.


If I can do it, anyone can. I would love to walk with you on your journey - to help you move forward and reach your goals. Together, with our TD Nation family, we can do anything!

Team Beachbody Coach

We are TD Nation! TD Nation was founded by Lance Lyell during his journey to lose 75 lbs using P90X. Lance took his new lease on life and payed it forward. We ask for nothing in return. Just show up, work hard, be positive, and BRING IT!

Your transformation is waiting...


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